Welcome to our Church on the Mountain.

Peacefulness on the mountain for over 150 years…

In 1852, our worship services began in a small log Meeting House located between Big and Little Bowman Ponds. Continuing on the same site, our congregation has worshipped God and served the needs of our local and wider community for more than one hundred and sixty years.

Although founded by German-speaking settlers who lived on Taborton Mountain, our membership has become much more diverse. We live and work in twenty towns and cities and we come from ancestors who represented more than twenty national identities and languages.

All are welcome and included to worship and participate in all of our activities. After an earlier association with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, then the Evangelical and Reformed Church, since 1958 we have been a local member church of the National United Church of Christ. We have a covenantal relationship with the Hudson Mohawk Association and the New York Conference of the United Church of Christ.
“The avowed purpose of this church is to covenant with God and one another to be a Christian community, to participate in appropriate and recognized ecumenical organizations, and to support one another in witnessing to the word of God in our living.” (Article IV, Constitution of our local church)

Please come up and visit our beautiful new fellowship hall that has been completed by team work from everyone in the congregation.  “We Built It Together”…




We have set up a new way of making your offerings to Taborton Zion.  You can click on the picture to go to Myeofferings.com.  This is where you can safely and securely set up a one time or repetitive donation to your church via credit/debit cards.








Below is a link to our By Laws

Constitution ZionUCC -Ogden – May 2017